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Lutsk recent comments:

  • vulytsya Vyacheslava Chornovola, 1, vvbearvv (guest) wrote 7 years ago:
    Registry: +380332257003 +380332257009
  • vulytsia Stanislavskoho, 48a, CEKTOP_0 wrote 7 years ago:
    "1", можно было бы и самому эту ошибку исправить..
  • vulytsia Stanislavskoho, 48a, 1 (guest) wrote 7 years ago:
    address of this building is STANISLAVSKOGO STREET 48A (not 52!!!)
  • vulytsya Karbysheva, 2, CEKTOP_0 wrote 7 years ago:
    Конечно, весьма не похоже на правду- место совсем не подходящее, но по данному адресу во всех справочниках числится именно наркодиспансер..
  • vulytsya Karbysheva, 2, Саша (guest) wrote 7 years ago:
    Це котельня!!! Тут не госпіталь
  • Island, lmtengs wrote 8 years ago:
    Looks like a giant ball of yarn! ;)
  • Metro club, Armin (guest) wrote 8 years ago:
  • Secondary high school №1, Daria Prokopiuk (guest) wrote 8 years ago:
    It is the best school in the world...I really love it...
  • vulytsya Karbysheva, 2, Uri (guest) wrote 8 years ago:
    I think that's not where it is is located.. but that's just me
  • vulytsya Lesi Ukrayinky, 35, Patriot (guest) wrote 8 years ago:
    here is travel agency Patriot
  • School №20, natali (guest) wrote 8 years ago:
  • Railway bridge over Styr river, саня (guest) wrote 8 years ago:
    скіки живу в Луцьку про цуй міст нічого не знаю !!! О_0
  • Nursery school № 13, Ex0rc1sM wrote 8 years ago:
    № 51
  • Nursery school № 14, Serg (guest) wrote 8 years ago:
    Сюди ходить мiй хлопчик !!!
  • Shopping сenter "Slon", АБВ ТЕХНІКА (guest) wrote 8 years ago:
  • Veresneva vulytsya, 5б, AmigoRico wrote 8 years ago:
    My House
  • Theatre of tares, CooLbaba wrote 8 years ago:
    це ляльковий театр
  • vulytsya Karbysheva, 2, SergeyUA wrote 9 years ago:
    Областной наркологический диспансер
  • Metro club, Yukiko wrote 9 years ago:
    Цікаво, хто його відвідує?..
  • Hotel Luches'k ** , Yukiko wrote 9 years ago:
    Готельчик так собі...