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Lutsk recent comments:

  • Чайна, danil (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
  • Fountain, lgg (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    Lenin's monument was here in Soviet times.
  • Underground public toilet, Maks (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    ще працює цей туалет?
  • Офицерская столовая, Сергей (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    Офицерская столовая
  • Motor Lutsk Repair Plant, Harddriver wrote 5 years ago:
    Чому це він "колишній"?
  • ISP "Datagroup", Alex (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    worst provider ever. doesn't return your cash
  • Tryoshka club, dimach wrote 5 years ago:
    Before it was cinema.
  • Volyn National University stadium, Андрей (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    прибежал первым 800 метров )) в 5 ом классе))
  • Навчально-методичний центр професійно-технічної роботи, Harddriver wrote 6 years ago:
    Навчально-методичний центр професійно-технічної роботи
  • prospekt Voli, 29, Нінуля (guest) wrote 6 years ago:
    Фокстрот переехал на просп. Воли,27
  • Volyn regional printing house, Нінуля (guest) wrote 6 years ago:
    There is supermarket of electronics "Foxtrot"
  • vulytsia Drahomanova, 23, Art (guest) wrote 6 years ago:
  • Krasne, lagidnyj wrote 6 years ago:
  • Krasne, Julia Beshuk (guest) wrote 6 years ago:
  • Zoo, nubs (guest) wrote 6 years ago:
    can you please give me your web address or phone number for tour reservations? :) thanks
  • vulytsya Henerala Shukhevycha, 4, REM-servis (guest) wrote 7 years ago:
  • vulytsya Chekhova, 2, Чехова (guest) wrote 7 years ago:
  • minimal, ursathebiker wrote 7 years ago:
    Эта дизайн-студия больше не существует по указанному адресу.
  • Posta №18, Zenyk wrote 7 years ago:
    Post office No. 18
  • prospekt Sobornosti, 8, wanted117 wrote 7 years ago:
    Соборности 8